Use of technology in Asphalt Paving

Use of technology in Asphalt Paving
18 november 2021

Use of technology in Asphalt Paving


Advance technology has transformed everything from mobile phones to vehicles. Just like that, it has upgraded the asphalt paving industry. Technology has played its role in the repair, installation, grading, slope, and asphalt mixes advancements.


Removal of Concrete or Asphalt

The ground-up asphalt installation can be started with removing old asphalt completely. Professional pavers can use Road Hog hydraulic technology to cut down 2-inch wide trenches even on old surfaces. Customers can save their money, as the Wolf Paving allows work efficiency and removal time on the site.


Site Preparation

The use of laser technology allows the contractors or paving team to decipher and assess the depths and heights at a distance. They can determine the asphalt installation for appropriate drainage plans. The accuracy of the site grades and slopes are also determined for drainage via technology to conduct wolf paving.

Automatic Grade & Slope Controls

The asphalt installation and sub-base grading automatically make proper drainage possible using the laser-guided transit programs. paving company TN can automate the slope and grade control using motor grader machinery. Using this equipment, the automatic grading grid is comparatively free from errors than traditional grade and slope tests. Asphalt surfaces are not compromised by using wolf paving due to water run or drainage.



There is a need to test the sub-base before laying the asphalt pavement to ensure the durability and integrity of the support structure. Without testing the sub-base, it cannot be compacted, nor can paving begin. If the structure isn’t sound, major problems in the asphalt surface may appear in little or no time. The new technology allows nuclear density testing and proof roll usage to ensure durability and integrity of the sub-base. Nuclear density compaction testing is necessary to assess the material density which is ideally 99%. A quad axel truck needs to run with 72,000-pound on the surface area to find out 1 inch or deeper sub-base flexes are known as proof roll. In this way, wolf paving can stand behind the solid asphalt and base. Hiring a quality website development company to create or strengthen the online presence of your paving business can be a path to success in the long-run. Moreover, build your paving business for mobile by applying a mobile-first approach for your field employees as well as customers to track project timelines, communicate effectively and leverage technology – all through a reputable mobile app development company.



Geo-grid and fabric are necessary if there is a need to dig 18 inches below. This technology is based on the support provided by the bridge that prevents the aggregated cost of filling the large hole. Asphalt surfaces built using this technology can improve the integrity of the surface and save your money and time.


Quality Testing

The quality of the asphalt mix produced is ensured via a step-wise process of wolf paving.



The life of your asphalt pavement can be extended by establishing a maintenance schedule. To see lasting results, wolf paving ensures quality experience and product.



Technological advances have streamlined the Asphalt Paving process, from site preparation to maintenance. Traditional methods are not very reliable, whereas the use of technology ensures that you don’t have to pay high costs for repair after the job is completed.


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