Life Cycle of Parking Lots Paving

Life Cycle of Parking Lots Paving
18 november 2021

Life Cycle of Parking Lots Paving


To extend the life cycle of your parking lot you need to consider the steps of the paving process and its completion. Although it is not a very difficult process, all steps are necessary to ensure the quality of your parking lot paving. Let’s explore this step-wise process:



First, you need to find a contractor to carry out your project. An efficient contractor will explain all the steps in the process to you. The work starts with the removal of the subgrade existing down the surface. It is important to install the new asphalt with a solid base, otherwise, it will create problems later. Cracks can appear quickly if you let the soft surface underneath the asphalt in paving. Your contractor will remove the old asphalt and dump it into the truck using heavy machinery.

Grade and Base

After completing the first step, you will support our foundation via base and grade in your parking lot. This installation needs to take place properly in the first attempt to ensure the foundations are stable. When your base is evaluated, you will need to calculate the amount of material you will need for the foundation’s subgrade. After paving, paving professionals will check if the pitch is correct using the laser level. This ensures that the water runoff is accurate.



Installation of asphalt paving TN is quite easy and quick. After removing the old, you need to install the new asphalt. Your paving professional will create the right material mix to withstand the heavy traffic. Currently, new equipment and technology are used to conduct this process. The use of advanced equipment ensures the high quality of parking lots. As soon as the surface of pavement compacts, it’s the last process of paving your parking lots. Now you can make the pavement lines on your parking lots.



If your parking lots are damaged to the point that the small repairs will not be enough and the structure will worsen over time. Then you need to resurface the parking lot without touching the base or structure. You need to assess if your parking lot can be repaired or needs a complete resurfacing. Because resurfacing is expensive, you need to see how much area of the parking lot is affected by the damage. Before resurfacing, it’s better to check if the foundations are good in condition or need to be replaced as well. Resurfacing is your last resort and mostly this stage will not come if you continue to maintain your parking lot regularly. You can also prevent the chance of resurfacing by keeping check of the small cracks, timely repairing them, and letting the problems worsen.



Parking lot paving has a life cycle that involves preparation, base and grade installation, integration of new asphalt material, and resurfacing. You need to hire a professional contractor to explain to you the process of paving the parking lot as it is important to determine the costs. An efficient contractor will perform all the steps carefully and wisely.


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