What is the Best Surface for the Parking Lot, Asphalt or Concrete?
18 november 2021


What is the Best Surface for the Parking Lot, Asphalt or Concrete?

Every material has its qualities and you cannot say one is better than the other. Which material you should use in your parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways depends on your budget, usage, and maintenance. Both concrete and asphalt are good materials to build roads, driveways, and parking lots. You need to see which is better for your parking lot based on the following factors:


Type of Vehicles and Usage

Before you choose the material for your parking lot you need to see what type of vehicles will be using the parking lot and the frequency of usage. If you know that the parking lot will be used by heavy vehicles regularly, concrete may be better. Asphalt is better for roads and parking lots if the traffic is low in volume. It is also durable, but regular heavyweight vehicles can create indentations on your residential paving TN


To choose the material, you need to consider your budget. Asphalt is more affordable than concrete; asphalt installation is much faster and can be used as soon as it finishes up. However, you cannot make the final decision before knowing other factors and maintenance costs for both.



It’s important to know that both asphalt and concrete need regular maintenance. You will need to do maintenance for asphalt parking after 3 to 5 years, considering other factors like overuse, heavy rains, chemical spills, etc. Repairing concrete parking is very expensive in contrast to asphalt parking. But asphalt needs to be maintained more often than concrete. You need to replace slabs entirely for concrete repair, while asphalt parking can be repaired with patchwork.


Long-Term Investment

Pavement surfaces can last 20-30 years if you properly maintain them, while concrete parking lots will last 30-40 years. Although concrete gives your parking lot a long life, it may incur a high cost if you do need to repair or replace them.



Climate is a potential factor that you need to consider before choosing the material of your parking lots. If you live in a cold temperature, asphalt is a better option. Concrete doesn’t perform well in snow and cooler temperatures as it starts to crack. On the other hand, asphalt absorbs heat as soon as the temperature rises and lets the snow melt much faster. If you live in a warmer area, concrete is better than asphalt. As asphalt retains more heat, it can become hot easily. Concrete is easier to walk on or use in hot weather because it doesn’t absorb radiation.


Slope and Drainage

Asphalt can help you in water drainage as well as benefit the environment. Otherwise, water pools can damage the surface. So you need to check the slope and drainage are integrated on the right spots.



Some people like asphalt because of its aesthetic appeal, while others prefer concrete because it has many color options. However, concrete stains are much more difficult to clean than asphalt.



Both asphalt and concrete have certain qualities that you cannot ignore, but you need to choose the material of your parking lot based on your specific requirements. Find out the usage or type of vehicles that will use the parking lot; your budget, climate change, appearance, life-span of investment, slope, drainage, and maintenance are a few factors you need to consider before making the final decision.

What do you need to know before hiring an Asphalt Paving Contractor?
18 november 2021


What do you need to know before hiring an Asphalt Paving Contractor?

Most residential and commercial property owners choose asphalt paving because of its curb appeal, simplicity, lower costs than other materials, and durability. Once you have made up your mind to build an asphalt surface, it’s important to find the contractor to perform the task. When choosing the asphalt paving contractor, you must consider the following factors to achieve fruitful results.


Contractors’ Experience

You need to ensure that your contractor has enough experience in asphalt paving projects. It would not be wrong to ask for his portfolio; to have a glimpse of what they have done in the past. It’s better to know more about his company, people or partners he is working with, etc. You should know about the services your contractor provides directly or sub-contracted. You also need to check their previous projects or references before trusting them. It’s better to get a referral from other people who have experience working with your asphalt contractor TN


You need to check the quality of asphalt your contractor uses in his projects. The longevity of your paving highly depends on the quality of asphalt, as the asphalt is mostly recycled and used over again. The lower quality asphalt doesn’t look as appealing nor is it as durable as the high quality. Ask your contractor about the material grade and suggest using high-grade asphalt. Your maintenance cost also depends on the life of your asphalt. Material thickness is also an issue if your usage involves heavy vehicles. You need to ensure the asphalt material used is thick and durable.


Labor, Machinery, and Equipment

Inquire your contractor about his team, labor, machinery, and equipment. Contractors need to schedule all of these for the project to be complete in time. If the team is small and your project is quite big, the contractor will appoint more paving crews. So, your contractor must have reliable partners or sub-contractors to handle the project efficiently. Check if your contractor has access to the latest equipment to complete the job, because the advanced technology completes the paving job with high quality, efficiency, and much faster. Most contractors don’t have their machinery and get it from other parties. But some contractors even have their equipment. To avoid delay in the projects, you may want to consider a contractor who doesn’t need machinery or paving crew from other companies.



You need to perform the documentation properly to get bids from different contractors. Proper documentation makes the scope of work clear with details, making it easy for the contractors to assess the projects and match the pricing.


Commit to Follow Standards

Investing in long-term surface pavements requires a warranty that the project will be based on industrial standards. If your contractor is reputable, he will provide a warranty and own his work.



When choosing your asphalt paving contractor, you need to consider more than the money you have to spend. You need to be sure about the contractor’s experience, material usage, compliance to standards and warranty, documentation, and sub-contracting of labor, machinery, and equipment.

5 Ways to Keep Your Parking Lot Look Clean and Beautiful
18 november 2021


5 Ways to Keep Your Parking Lot Look Clean and Beautiful

Your parking lot is the main entrance to your commercial or residential property. It welcomes all the visitors so it must look nice and clean. Especially for a commercial property, it impacts your customers and your business. Not only does it look awful to your customers, but cracks, potholes, and other damages are a clear warning of the poorly paved surface or delayed repair work that can cause accidents. It is important to repair your parking lots, driveway paving, walking paths, sidewalk paving, and other surfaces on priority. Some repairs might be costly, but it saves you from the liability costs in an accident. Repairing your pavements timely saves your time and money in the long run, so it’s important to consider the following ways to ensure that your parking lot always looks clean and beautiful:

Regular Inspection

To keep your pavements smooth and shiny, you need to check the damages regularly. Small annoyances in the parking lot can become worse liabilities if not addressed on time. If you note the cracks or holes when they just appear, it’s inexpensive and easy to fill them. The life of your asphalt may expand if you notice the small damages and fill them as soon as possible. Other factors indicate that your parking lot needs a repair, such as the faded color of the surface, faded parking lines, potholes, and water standing on the surface after rain. A crumbling or broken asphalt is the sign for quick repair and maintenance. These damages can get worse in no time and lead to costly repair later. You need to do the patchwork very often, your surface likely needs an asphalt overlay.


Clean Up

Keeping your parking lot nice and clean involves removing the trash, rocks, leaves, and other debris. An uncleaned parking lot has a poor impact on your business. You need to clean up your entryway regularly and ensure no damages are hidden under the debris. Regularly check the clogs in your drainage system, water pools on the surface after rain, etc. Excessive debris can contribute to potholes, cracks, and surface erosion. If there is no regular cleaning of debris, waterways can be polluted, which is why it is essential to sweep and power-wash your pavement regularly.


Seal Coating

When you seal coat your parking lot it adds a layer on the surface of your asphalt pavement that protects it from UV rays, liquor, and rainwater. By safeguarding your pavement you can improve the life of your parking lot. You can recoat your parking lot after every 3 to 5 years.



For a safe and organized parking lot, you need paving strips TN and if they fade after some time you need to do the restriping. Besides increasing safety and decreasing the chances of liability, it also enhances the curb appeal of your property.


Stains of Oil or Harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals and oil stains should be cleaned as soon as you observe them in your parking lot. If these stains are not cleaned promptly, they can seep into the pavement layers, causing damage.



To look nice and clean your parking lot need a regular inspection of holes, cracks, oil, or other chemical spills. Regularly clean debris like leaves, trash, or rocks. Sealcoating protects your pavement and extends its life, so recoat it after 3 to 5 years. You also need to strip your parking lot and restripe if your paint is faded.

Benefits of hiring the commercial paving company?
18 november 2021


Benefits of hiring the commercial paving company?

Commercial asphalt paving enhances the value of your property, giving it a curb appeal. Your visitors can access the property without any difficulty. Hiring a commercial paving Company TN company saves you from the overwhelming task of planning, breaking it down into steps, and doing it yourself (DIY). Paving projects are certainly not something to do on your own. Besides, there are many benefits of hiring a paving company for your commercial property:



With advanced technologies, tools, and equipment, your commercial paving company professionally handles your commercial paving project. Proper tools ensure that the job is done efficiently and quickly. Your commercial property is your business investment and hiring a professional paving company for this task ensures that it’s worth the value of your money while saving you time. You don’t need to worry about the inconvenience your visitors face anymore because you can start your usual business as soon as it is completed.


Unlike DIY, a commercial paving company will give you high-quality results using best practices in the industry and the experience of qualified technicians. Paving professionals are well-trained personnel who conduct the paving project while considering several factors such as weather, land, traffic, location, etc. With the right knowledge and experience, these professionals align the paving project, process the steps accordingly, and ensure the final product is durable, high-quality, and long-lasting.


Range of Services

When you seek a commercial paving company for your property, they have a complete set of skills and abilities to offer various services that you may need. It’s feasible to hire one company for all services instead of hiring different companies. So, you can ask the company you hire to pave your commercial property, install speed bumps, paint or repaint lines on your commercial parking lot, and much more


 Safe and Smooth Paving

Hiring an inexperienced person or doing it yourself can lead to serious consequences.  A poorly paved space can cause accidents on your commercial property. A professional paving company ensures that your pavement is smooth, safe, and high-quality.


Liability Issues

The professional pavement on a commercial property saves you from liability issues. In the event of a mishap or accident, you may need to face a lawsuit, spend legal fees, and damage your reputation. You can save your business from loss by hiring a professional paving company. If your pavement isn’t done properly, you can hire the paving company to repair or repave it and eliminate all the risks.



Often it’s exciting to DIY projects. But commercial paving is not something you should try experimenting with. You need to hire a commercial paving company to do your pavements using high-quality materials, the latest technology, and industry best practices. A paving professional has both qualifications and experience to handle your pavement task more efficiently than yourself. Commercial paving is time-saving, high quality, safe and smooth, protects you from liability issues, and provides a variety of services under one roof.

How Asphalt Parking Lots are affected by the Spring Rain?
18 november 2021


How Asphalt Parking Lots are affected by the Spring Rain?

In spring, your asphalt paving might get cracks, potholes, and depressions. Professionals recommend preventative asphalt to maintain your pavement in this season. If you maintain your pavement regularly, there is little or no chance of getting worried about the major repairs. The experienced asphalt paving TN professionals suggest ways to prevent damages to your parking lots, driveways, and other structures.


Water Damages

A little open crack allows the water to run through the surface underneath and cause further damage. The asphalt binder and aggregates bond is affected by the water settling inside your paving. It erodes the asphalt which is now unprotected as the water weakness the bond of the supportive layers. This will eventually make your pavement surface look unappealing and unsafe.

Weather Fluctuations

Too cold or too hot weather is not good for your paving surfaces. If water is standing on the pavement surface at springtime, it will shrink and expand water molecules. Stripping takes place because of this spring water, which is a process of debonding aggregate and binder. Pavement starts to get weak as soon as the bonding of aggregate and binder weakens. This makes your paving surface vulnerable to big damages in the future. The pavement’s structural integrity can be compromised if the water makes its way to the sub-base. This problem must not be left untreated if you want to avoid resurfacing in the future. Get your repairs done as soon as you find small cracks that will likely become alligator cracks.



Your pavement needs protection from temperature fluctuation and water, which is possible using seal coating. When you sealcoat your pavement, a layer is formed on the surface that protects it from snow, rain, fluids from vehicles, and UV rays. It is an easy way to prevent cracks in your pavement and increase its life. Sealcoating your pavement surfaces after 3-5 years is good to protect them, but it also depends on your usage. 



If you take care of your pavement surfaces, but your drainage system is not efficient, you might face issues in the long run. You need to plan your drainage properly to secure the pavement surfaces like driveways and parking lots. Your paving professional will ensure that all areas where there are chances of water getting settled have slop and drainage.



In spring, it’s important to keep a check on the cracks, divots, potholes, slippage, pooling water. If there are one or more problems, get it repaired on priority. Rainfall and standing water initially weakens your pavement and later damages the surface to the point that it is unsafe.



Spring is a season when you need to be vigilant about the condition of your pavement surfaces like; parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, etc. You need to check the signs of deterioration on your pavements. Besides noticing the problems in the surface, it’s good to check your drainage system slopes and get your surfaces to seal coat. Although it’s important to take these measures in all seasons, it’s high time to take prevention in springtime. 

Why Prefer Driveway Paving Over Concrete Driveways?
18 november 2021


Why Prefer Driveway Paving Over Concrete Driveways?

Aren’t you crazy about your driveway and want to enhance the curb appeal of your home? driveway paving in TN improves the appearance of your dwellings quickly. If you have a big house with a driveway, asphalt paver driveway has many benefits contrary to a concrete driveway. Driveway paving outweighs the positives in concrete driveways, which is the reason why they have become much popular in the recent decade. Concrete driveways need constant maintenance; otherwise, they turn cracked or dry. Let’s see why you should prefer an asphalt paver driveway over a concrete driveway:


Cleaning and Maintenance

Driveway pavers are resistant to dirt, water, and other substances, making it easier to maintain them. To keep your concrete clean, you need to make some effort while the paver driveway sparkles with or without little work. The pavers don’t need much maintenance because of the smooth surface that makes the water run easily through them. So, it’s relatively easier to clean the pavers. Naturally, we get busy with our lives and often don’t have much time or money to spend on the house’s regular maintenance. That’s why an asphalt paver driveway for your home is an ideal solution.

Beautify Your House

Pavers have so much potential and there are endless options for you to play around with the designs and shapes. Although concrete is available in different colors, designs, and shapes too, its maintenance varies drastically. Pavers give an elegant look to your driveway that beautifies your home. Who doesn’t want their home to look better than their neighbors’.You don’t want it to look outdated, deteriorated, or as if it needs maintenance. Concrete can be used to beautify your driveway using the range of options you have got, but you certainly won’t like to spend extra time and money in keeping it shining.


Effect of Weather Conditions

One of the potential disadvantages of concrete driveways is the impact of weather patterns and temperature on them. Your driveways can turn dry, cracked, or even split. Weather conditions do not affect the pavers because they are designed using advanced treatments that protect them.


Ground Movements or Water

Changes on the ground level and movements affect the concrete surfaces, resulting in cracking or splitting of concrete slabs. Pavers are stronger than concrete, they are  resistant and tough against several things.



The durability of the pavers is remarkable as they last longer, even in the worse weather conditions and strong movements.



There are many advantages of asphalt paver driveways over concrete driveways. Both concrete and pavers come in a variety of designs, shapes, and patterns. Although concrete might be suitable for other structures, a driveway must be resistant to water, weather conditions, and movements. Besides being strong and resistant to many things, pavers are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. That’s why pavers are a wise choice to build your driveway rather than concrete.

Why and When Do You Need Asphalt Paving Services?
18 november 2021


Why and When Do You Need Asphalt Paving Services?

When building a new driveway or repairing an old one, you need to consider all the benefits of asphalt paving. You expect your driveway to be a long-term investment and want it to enhance the look of your property, but it will need repair sometime. So, let’s explore why and when you need asphalt paving services in TN


Quick installation

The installation of pavers in the driveway, sidewalks, and other areas is easy and quick. So you don’t have to wait for long and it can be used straight after installation.


Durability and Affordability

Asphalt paving is strong and requires low maintenance than other surfaces. So you don’t need to repair them as often as you will need to repair other surfaces. Pavers are water-resistant and don’t let the water settle on them, which is why asphalt paving doesn’t get damaged easily. Usually, materials that allow water to flow through are prone to cracks, but pavers don’t. Besides being durable, asphalt driveways are affordable upkeep options. They may damage or wear over time, so you need to check on the maintenance requirement, but not as often as other surfaces.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Whether you live in the north or south, your driveway is exposed to certain weather conditions. Scorching summers and cold winters are both equally damaging to the asphalt driveway. The harsh temperatures indicate serious wear and tear, so it is better to check the signs if you need asphalt paving services or not. These signs include sinking or warping, dull or faded color, potholes, surface cracks, and drainage issues. Don’t delay the repair work if you find any of the signs on your driveway paving. The more you delay the repair work, the worse it will get. When the driveway pavers get worse, the little repair is not enough and you need to resurface the driveway completely. It is very costly to resurface the driveway so it’s better to perform repairs as quickly as possible.


Type of Asphalt Paving Services

You need to assess different types of asphalt paving services before repaving your driveway. You do a complete overhaul and resurfacing if your paving is destroyed or damaged to the point that little repair won’t help. You can arrange cosmetic services if just a few cracks need repair. If you think that temperature conditions are too extreme and there is a possibility of your driveway paving being cracked, you can take preventative services. You can hire paving professionals for just minor repairs to keep your driveway well-maintained.



Asphalt paving is the potential solution to build strong driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and much more. They are affordable, easy to install, and durable. Extreme weather and heavy pressure can damage your paver surfaces. So, you shouldn’t ignore that these surfaces will need services if they can get damaged over time. Depending on the damage’s size and severity, you will need to hire paving professionals to perform the asphalt paving services and repair it.

Use of technology in Asphalt Paving
18 november 2021

Use of technology in Asphalt Paving


Advance technology has transformed everything from mobile phones to vehicles. Just like that, it has upgraded the asphalt paving industry. Technology has played its role in the repair, installation, grading, slope, and asphalt mixes advancements.


Removal of Concrete or Asphalt

The ground-up asphalt installation can be started with removing old asphalt completely. Professional pavers can use Road Hog hydraulic technology to cut down 2-inch wide trenches even on old surfaces. Customers can save their money, as the Wolf Paving allows work efficiency and removal time on the site.


Site Preparation

The use of laser technology allows the contractors or paving team to decipher and assess the depths and heights at a distance. They can determine the asphalt installation for appropriate drainage plans. The accuracy of the site grades and slopes are also determined for drainage via technology to conduct wolf paving.

Automatic Grade & Slope Controls

The asphalt installation and sub-base grading automatically make proper drainage possible using the laser-guided transit programs. paving company TN can automate the slope and grade control using motor grader machinery. Using this equipment, the automatic grading grid is comparatively free from errors than traditional grade and slope tests. Asphalt surfaces are not compromised by using wolf paving due to water run or drainage.



There is a need to test the sub-base before laying the asphalt pavement to ensure the durability and integrity of the support structure. Without testing the sub-base, it cannot be compacted, nor can paving begin. If the structure isn’t sound, major problems in the asphalt surface may appear in little or no time. The new technology allows nuclear density testing and proof roll usage to ensure durability and integrity of the sub-base. Nuclear density compaction testing is necessary to assess the material density which is ideally 99%. A quad axel truck needs to run with 72,000-pound on the surface area to find out 1 inch or deeper sub-base flexes are known as proof roll. In this way, wolf paving can stand behind the solid asphalt and base.



Geo-grid and fabric are necessary if there is a need to dig 18 inches below. This technology is based on the support provided by the bridge that prevents the aggregated cost of filling the large hole. Asphalt surfaces built using this technology can improve the integrity of the surface and save your money and time.


Quality Testing

The quality of the asphalt mix produced is ensured via a step-wise process of wolf paving.



The life of your asphalt pavement can be extended by establishing a maintenance schedule. To see lasting results, wolf paving ensures quality experience and product.



Technological advances have streamlined the Asphalt Paving process, from site preparation to maintenance. Traditional methods are not very reliable, whereas the use of technology ensures that you don’t have to pay high costs for repair after the job is completed.

Life Cycle of Parking Lots Paving
18 november 2021

Life Cycle of Parking Lots Paving


To extend the life cycle of your parking lot you need to consider the steps of the paving process and its completion. Although it is not a very difficult process, all steps are necessary to ensure the quality of your parking lot paving. Let’s explore this step-wise process:



First, you need to find a contractor to carry out your project. An efficient contractor will explain all the steps in the process to you. The work starts with the removal of the subgrade existing down the surface. It is important to install the new asphalt with a solid base, otherwise, it will create problems later. Cracks can appear quickly if you let the soft surface underneath the asphalt in paving. Your contractor will remove the old asphalt and dump it into the truck using heavy machinery.

Grade and Base

After completing the first step, you will support our foundation via base and grade in your parking lot. This installation needs to take place properly in the first attempt to ensure the foundations are stable. When your base is evaluated, you will need to calculate the amount of material you will need for the foundation’s subgrade. After paving, paving professionals will check if the pitch is correct using the laser level. This ensures that the water runoff is accurate.



Installation of asphalt paving TN is quite easy and quick. After removing the old, you need to install the new asphalt. Your paving professional will create the right material mix to withstand the heavy traffic. Currently, new equipment and technology are used to conduct this process. The use of advanced equipment ensures the high quality of parking lots. As soon as the surface of pavement compacts, it’s the last process of paving your parking lots. Now you can make the pavement lines on your parking lots.



If your parking lots are damaged to the point that the small repairs will not be enough and the structure will worsen over time. Then you need to resurface the parking lot without touching the base or structure. You need to assess if your parking lot can be repaired or needs a complete resurfacing. Because resurfacing is expensive, you need to see how much area of the parking lot is affected by the damage. Before resurfacing, it’s better to check if the foundations are good in condition or need to be replaced as well. Resurfacing is your last resort and mostly this stage will not come if you continue to maintain your parking lot regularly. You can also prevent the chance of resurfacing by keeping check of the small cracks, timely repairing them, and letting the problems worsen.



Parking lot paving has a life cycle that involves preparation, base and grade installation, integration of new asphalt material, and resurfacing. You need to hire a professional contractor to explain to you the process of paving the parking lot as it is important to determine the costs. An efficient contractor will perform all the steps carefully and wisely.

How can you prevent your Driveway from damaging?
18 november 2021

How can you prevent your Driveway from damaging?

A nice-looking and strong driveway is a long-term investment. It would be a nightmare to see your driveway getting damaged after a short time. Certain factors affect the driveway, like; frequent pressure and harsh elements. The repetitive heavy pressure on the driveway can damage it if you don’t take preventative measures. You need to understand that driveway is an important part of your house and needs maintenance. You can prolong the life of your driveway by taking some preventive measures.


Sealed Asphalt Driveway

You can prevent the small cracks from worsening by properly sealing the asphalt driveway TN. It is the foremost thing to do if you want to protect your driveway from damage. Besides safety, it gives a shiny appearance to your driveway, which is not there when you first install it. You need to be careful about not overdoing the seal or doing it very frequently because it peels off or cracks. Now, the question that comes to mind is how often can we do driveway seals? It depends on how soon your driveway gets damaged, but you can do it after 2 or 3 years.

Repair the Damages

It is not uncommon that your driveway can get damaged even after the sealed asphalt. Once the damage incurs, it is important not to delay the repair work. Repairing the damages in your driveway is a good way to prolong the lifespan of your driveway. It is easy to fill the cracks and repair them if the damage isn’t severe. But severe damage to your driveway will require you to resurface the driveway.


Prevent the Driveway from freezing       

The holes and cracks in the driveway need fast repairing because they can further damage the surface by allowing water to get stored underneath. This water can freeze in the lower temperatures and end up your driveway freezing, which is an expensive repair to make in exchange for the high cost.


Choose the Strong Driveways

The best way to ensure the integrity of your driveway is to use strong material which is not affected by the pressure and ground movements. Concrete driveways get damaged by heavy pressure, climate conditions, and chemicals. This results in dryness, splitting of concrete, and even cracks or holes in your driveway. Using the pavers, you can expand the life cycle of your driveway because it is much stronger in resistance to weather, ground movements, and chemicals. Quick cracks in the driveway will make way for water in concrete driveways, whereas the paving is resistant to water and other substances.



Your driveway is a long-term investment that you must not be compromised by using low-quality material or delaying the repair work. Pavers are a good choice for the driveways as they are stronger than concrete and need comparatively low maintenance. No matter what material you use in your driveway, repair the damages as soon as they appear to prevent them from worsening. The worse damages require resurfacing, which is very costly.


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